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1 Bedroom A - Unit 28

1 Bedroom A - Unit 28

$465.00 Regular Price
$65.00Sale Price

1 Bedroom A 


Floor No. 12    


Unit No.  28    


Area: 366.62 sqft.

  • Unit Specifications


    Six Parking Basement Levels 

    Three Retail Floors for Restaurants, Bars, Coffee shops, Salons, Boutiques and Minimart

    Two Amenity Floors

    Two Infinity Pools 
    Play Area for Kids 
    Co-working Spaces
    Lounge Areas
    Function Rooms 

    Forty Residential Floors 

    - Average of 30 units per floors with combined units
    - Sky Gardens located on specific floors 

    Extra Living with Addloft
    My Enso Lofts introduces engineering technologies such as Addloft, utilizing every unit's high ceiling to expand its usable area. This gives residents the freedom to personalize the extra space.

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