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One Kalayaan

Your family’s dream life turned into everyday reality.  The first high-rise condominium in Marikina Heights



Project Name: One Kalayaan Residences

Address: 42 Liwasang Kalayaan Road, Marikina Heights

DHSUD License to sell no.: 035110

Developer: RS Realty Concepts Developer Inc.

Total Land Area: 450.90sqm

Number of Floors: 21 floors

Total Residential Units: 110 Units

Total Commercial Units: 10 Units 

OKR 01 Building Facade.jpg
OKR 04 Sky Bar.jpg
OKR 03 Pool A.jpg
OKR 03 Pool B.jpg


00_One Kalayaan Residences Project Details 2021_page-0001.jpg
00_One Kalayaan Residences Project Details 2021_page-0002.jpg
00_One Kalayaan Residences Project Details 2021_page-0003.jpg

One Bedroom Units

OKR_typical floor plan.jpg
OKR_Unit E layout (1BR).jpg
OKR_Unit D layout (1BR).jpg
OKR_Unit F layout (1BR).jpg

Two Bedroom Units

OKR_Unit B layout (2BR).jpg
OKR_Unit A layout (2BR).jpg
OKR_Unit C layout (2BR).jpg
OKR_typical floor plan.jpg

Three Bedroom Unit

OKR_Unit G layout (3BR).jpg
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